Dreamer Director Jesse Salmeron To Appear With Host Tim Paynter

Talk show host Tim Paynter will have Jesse Slameron, the writer and director of the movie, Dreamer, a True American Story, on Un Dia Sin Fronteras, the radio show devoted to immigration reform which plays in Denver, Colorado.  Paynter said he was excited about having the immigrant director on his show because Salmeron was addressing an issue which is very important to Paynter.

Armando shiru420,  Willy Garcia, Jennifer Piper, Tim Paynter

“We need to take the message of how immigrants suffer under an unjust immigration system in the US, especially Dream students.”  Paynter said Friday.

In addition to Salmeron, Paynter says actress Vannessa Vasquez will also be on the show.

“Vannessa played the leading role in one of Salmeron’s first efforts.” Paynter said.  “She will be in this movie, as well.”

Dreamer a true american story, tim paynterDreamer discusses the plight of undocumented youth who were brought to the US, often before they were able to form memories.  Most grew up thinking they were US citizens and were surprised to find they were not.

“It is tragic.  Some children don’t realize how serious it is until they near graduation.  Instead of moving on to college, they are held back.  Thus we perpetuate the school yard to jail yard cycle, after giving young people few alternatives.”  Paynter said.

“Every new immigrant generation has had to struggle, but the playing field was fair.  What we are doing now is creating an un-even playing field, treating an entire generation as if they have no rights, and refusing them basic opportunities.” Paynter said.

Dreamer, a True American Story” needs to be made.  Jesse is still working on financing but it looks like the movie will be made.”  Paynter noted.  “In addition, they will be holding casting calls.  We hope they might let a few of the details slip on our show.” Paynter noted.

Dreamer A True American Story

The Dream Act will provide a partial solution for immigrant youth.  For those who take advantage of the ACT, they will be able to go to college or serve the country in the military.  After the student has put in his obligation, he can apply for status as a permanent resident.  Until then, he will only have temporary status.  But that temporary status means a lot because it comes with the right to get a driver’s license and obtain a job, according to Paynter.

The interview will air on 1150 am radio Monday, July 25th, 2011 at 12 noon Mountain Standard Time.  Paynter says people can listen in to a live feed if they are outside of the Denver Area.  They can also call in on the live line, 303.337.1150.


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