Francisco Diaz sings @ Promise Arizona, come be part of history!

We had all been working 15 hour days.  Everyone was exhausted.  We were back at the convent, now.  Paz Fellow, Francisco Diaz, picked up his guitar.  It was perfect timing, and several of us listened to a performance from the heart!

Once you become associated with this great organization called Promise, Arizona, it is hard to let it go!  You can see the tremendous sacrifices the people at the capitol have paid, and how greatful they are for your help.  We become a family in this summer of civil rights!

Promise Arizona wants you to come spend a little time with us!  Come alone, or bring your entire class!  We need at least 100 volunteers who will bring the Promise to Arizona!  It is a chance to be part of the civil rights movement of our time and help make history!

At this writing, Promise Arizona will arrange housing for you!  The deal may change over time depending upon our fortunes.  If you apply quickly we can get you this great deal!

Contact me and I will give you the details!


About lavidanueva

I am making up lost time in a fruitless effort trying to collect pieces of green paper labeled 1, 5 10 and 20. I am seeking spiritual progress and self discovery while I venture forth and try to help others.
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