Promise Arizona for immigration reform

Lifetime adventure

as a volunteer

for freedom!

One of the most powerful three weeks of my life was spent with Promise Arizona as a Promise Fellow!

Promise Arizona is an organization born out of the vigil at the Arizona state capitol to fight the injustice of SB 1070.  Once Governor Jan Brewer signed the legislation, a vigil was formed and guarded for 104 days, until large portions of the racial profiling law were stayed by a Federal judge pending litigation.

The leaders from the vigil wanted to do something more.  But what?  The answer was found, they had encountered great strength in their pain, why not use that strength to elect leaders who support the values of the immigrant community?

Why not come to Arizona and be part of the Promise team? That was the question I asked myself when I saw the application on the Reform Immigration For America (RIFA) web site.  I applied and Michele Rudy of Promise gave me the green light!

What a blast!  What a chance to get to know wonderful people at a crucial time in their lives!  What a chance to meet new leaders in the Latino community, and what a great chance to look for the leadership within myself!

Promise Arizona says they are looking for individuals and teams.  You could come for a week-end or under the Fellowship program for three weeks or more.  They will help with housing and some expenses!

The immigrant community is under attack!  What are you going to do?  Stand up!  Fight back!  Come be part of history!


About lavidanueva

I am making up lost time in a fruitless effort trying to collect pieces of green paper labeled 1, 5 10 and 20. I am seeking spiritual progress and self discovery while I venture forth and try to help others.
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