Minuteman Murders Illegal, Little Dog, Fake Video? Eduardo Piolin Por La Manana

            I will talk about little dog Crooks first, then about Eduardo Sotelo, Mr. El Piolin Por La Manana, a/k/a Mr. Sotelo.Robert “Little Dog” Crooks thinks he is a pretty smart guy.  We do too.

            He is the fool who produced the video of a Minuteman, probably little dog himself, murdering an illegal Alien by shooting the Mexican with a rifle.  The video  appeared on YouTube.  


As you can imagine, the video was not well received by the local chapter of the minutemen, the El Campo minutemen, who god has appointed responsible for that part of the border.   People who march through the desert handing out water bottles to dehydrated illegal immigrants want to protect their reputations.  They say the rifles they carry and the Glock 9’s protruding from their belts are for protection against attacking cactus.  Sure.  I never shot an attacking cactus before.  Instead I just turned tail and ran.

Little Dog was one of the founders of the Minuteman movement.  Apparntly he is a pretty talented guy.  Maybe that is how they convinced him to pitch his tent in a remote part of the desert, presumably as far away from the official minuteman meeting post as possible.  They said they would send money to keep him going, according to and article on the internet.  That was 18 months ago.  He says they never got around to sending money.  Well, good talent is never appreciated.

We know Little Dog is devoted to handing out water bottles because he is still out there.  Most of us would have realized we were being suckered and quit a long time ago.  But then, maybe Little Dog is not so dumb after all.  He sure got his fellow minutemen up in a dither!

So here is Mr. Crooks, Little Dog himself, sitting in the desert with no money and nothing to do.  He says he and a friend got tired of bashing captain Bush’s proposed immigration plan so they decided to go into the motion picture business.

This original production is shot through a night vision rifle scope.

 “I got him.” Says a voice on the video. “He’s low crawling.  Guy with a backpack.  I bet ya it’s probably full of dope.”   Our Bruce Willis wannabe says in a hushed voice.  It is night and we can see a man skirting along a the top of a ridge near El Campo on the U.S. Mexican border.

Our supposed illegal alien makes his way along the trail and eventually climbs up a rock.  Mr. Bruce wannbe screams out,

“Hey Puto” (male whore).  The target hears the slur and ducks behind the rocks.  When he reappears, he is on his hands and knees peering over the ledge. 

 ‘I got him” our soon to be Hollywood legend says.“He is prarie dogging now.  He heard me!”  A voice comes over the radio.  

 “Where you at?  What is your 20?”  (that is minuteman talk for where are you?)

     Little dog Bruce replies, “He’s up there on the, uh, smuggler’s trail,”

 “I don’t have a visual.” The voice on the radio laments. Just then the guy wearing the back pack slowly rises from behind the rocks. 

“You know what?  I’m going to take a fuckng shot.”   I didn’t know Bruce Willis liked to shoot men in cold blood but our Hollywood actor has a different Bruce Willis interpretation.

Boom, Boom.  Two rifle shots are heard in rapid succession.  Our target falls backward out of the picture.

  “Oh fuck, I got him dude!” the guy with the rifle laughs like he is having an orgasm.  “I fucking got him!”

Then we hear, “Dude, what are we going to do?”  A little panic is setting in now. 

The voice on the radio instructs, “Get the shovels, get some lime” and then “ and hey, grab me a 12 pack, too

.”“Roger that.  We fuckin nailed him, dude!” laughing with glee.  “We fucking nailed him!”\

The next scene is of a grave covered with desert rock.“Audios, Asshole”  Mr. Dog says.     

         After the video appeared on YouTube an investigation was launched.  The local sheriff was contacted who said he knew Mr. Crooks quite well.  The grave was investigated and it was not occupied.    

          Little Dog makes the argument, “Do you think I would murder someone and then post the video on YouTube?”  Well, you have to admit, a rocket scientist would not have waited in the desert for a resupply of water bottles and K.Y. jelly. 

            The video caused lots of waves. When I showed it to a group of immigrants the effect was sheer horror, disgust and outrage.  We didn’t know Mr. Crooks was a fake when we previewed it.  Doesn’t matter.  It is just as offensive as a joke as it is if it were the real thing.  It tells us what the minutemen are really thinking as they pick blisters off of their feet after running from Cactus all day.        

    The El Campo Minutemen don’t agree.  They, too are outraged.  But their outrage is not for the grief and offense caused to Latinos and people with reasonable minds.  Their outrage is someone might figure out why they really carry rifles and glock 9’s through the desert:  Maybe they would like to do the same thing as Mr. Crooks does in his video but they aren’t dumb enough to video tape it.

One of their spokesman says “I have a press release all ready to go if this hits the American media. We will isolate this incident and these people from the rest of us to minimize damage to the Minuteman movement.  

            El Piolin Por La manana, Eduardo Sotelo, is kind of like the El Campo Minutemen.  He wants us to think he is for equality for everyone.  The reality is, his security team booted this guerro off of his caravan to Washington D.C. and then made me out to be a bad guy on his radio program.  If the El Campo Minutemen want us to think they are ashamed of little pup’s snuff film then they should make it right with the immigrant community.  If Eduardo Sotelo is serious about unity, then he should make right what he and his security team have done wrong with me.    I think they are both fake.

     Lot’s of us think Little Dog is pretty smart.  He is helping us rally pro immigrant forces who are outraged by his behavior.  A lot of people think Eduardo Sotelo, El Piolin Por La Manana is pretty smart.  According the nut case on Lone Wacko, an internet site, booting a white guy off an Hispanic Caravan for Freedom helped rally racist forces who oppose immigration.  Heck, it must not have been that bad.  They really boosted Piolin’s ratings with that puclicity stunt.  Sheesh, what are these guys thinking?



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I am making up lost time in a fruitless effort trying to collect pieces of green paper labeled 1, 5 10 and 20. I am seeking spiritual progress and self discovery while I venture forth and try to help others.
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2 Responses to Minuteman Murders Illegal, Little Dog, Fake Video? Eduardo Piolin Por La Manana

  1. The Campo Minutemen’s Adopt a Highway Program under the direction of unsung American Hero, Gadget Dan, have picked up over $10,000 pounds of trash.

    *Join the Campo Minutemen for Highway Clean up and Border Watch*

    Date: Saturday, November 10, 2007
    Time: 9 am to 12:00 Noon
    Phone: 904-687-7867
    Location: Corner of Oak and Buckman Springs Road
    Tongs, Bags and Reflector Vests Provided.
    Gloves Recommended

    Lunch at Noon
    Campo Dinner
    Courtesy of the Campo Minutemen

    I-5 or I 15 South toward SAN DIEGO.
    Keep LEFT to take I-805 S.
    Merge onto I-8 E toward EL CENTRO.
    Take the BUCKMAN SPRINGS RD exit- EXIT 51.
    End at Oak Dr & Buckman Springs Rd

    Campo Minutemen, Inc,is A California Non Profit Corporation.
    Britt Craig
    Director Of The Campo Minutemen, Campo, CA, Mission Viejo, CA

  2. MARBY says:

    gracias por hacer tan emocionante su programa, por supuesto lo escuchamos toda la familia.

    por favor piolin me puede enviar el numero de telefono del abogado de imigracion. muchas gracias.

    Dios lo bendiga hoy manana y siempre.

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