Ice Raids, Shackles, Illegal Immigrants, Thoughts on Eduardo Piolin Sotelo


            Let me talk about the ICE raids first.  Then I will address Piolin, or better Eduardo Sotelo, Mr. Chertoff and Wyoming’s prize, Dick Cheney.

I love hearing different points of view.  Some of them are amusing.  When I heard ICE’s point of view about the surge operation in L.A. where they “rounded up” (whoa doggie!) 1300 head of cattle, oops I mean “illegal immigrants” I choked, it was so absurd.  In fact I almost choked as hard as when the Security thugs threw me off of the Piolin Por La Manana Caravan to Washington D.C.

            According to  Jorge Field, an ICE officer, ICE is very gentlemanly-like when they knock on the door in the middle of the night. “We try to do it as calm and peaceful as possible. You know we are not banging on doors, knocking them down. We’re just knocking and you know explaining who we are and if we can just step inside and talk to the occupants,”

You can hear Jorge now.  “Hello, my name is Jorge, and uh, well you know, ah heck, I work with your friendly government agency called ICE, and gosh would you mind if I stepped in?  I really have to pee!  Oh, don’t mind the other six guys with me dressed in bullet proof vests, guns drawn and tazers at the ready, we drank a lot of coffee this morning.”

Jorge provided the first quote for KABCTV News 7 which proudly announced it was the only local station allowed to go along. 

Gee, I wonder why only News 7 was allowed.  Must be something about superior coverage.  Or maybe it is that point of view thing. Guys who bang on doors in the middle of the night might not want everyone to see what they are doing.   

ICE must not work the same in Idaho.  According to reports by the Associated Press, Dana Ayala, a victim of abusive tactics by ICE in Idaho states:

 “They pounded on my door so hard that my walls shook,”  Mrs. Ayala said after ICE burst into her home in the wee hours of the morning. “My 19-year-old son opened the door to see what was happening, and six agents armed with guns, Tasers and flashlights pushed their way into my home.”

Thanks to the only news team that was allowed to witness the L.A. raids, we know ICE gently knocks on Doors and asks if they can step inside to pee.

Channel 7 reports Georgie Field as saying,  officers don’t want to go in too early in the morning because it’s too disruptive to family members and neighbors

That is not how it works in Idaho:“It is clear that ICE agents terrorized the community, including U.S. citizen children who were sleeping when the raid occurred,” said Leo Morales, a community organizer for ICAN “In several homes, children were left crying as ICE agents interrogated parents and hauled them away.”  As reported by the Associated Press.

            I guess they figure it is not disruptive to wake little children up before the crack of dawn.  But that is in Idaho.  Maybe it happened in L.A. too but then maybe the entire T.V. crew was in the bathroom at the same time….dicks usually are.

            Jorge Field says their gentle knock and mild interruption policy works best in the morning: “I think the environment is easier to control. More people are … you’re gonna catch more people in bed. Most of the family members are in bed. When you come back in the evenings, everybody is up, neighbors are up” Field said. 

 My point of view, one man’s neighbor is another man’s witness.  But ICE must not be thinking that way or Channel 7 would have told us, right?

I guess we are back to that point of view thing again.  Would you find it interrupting to hear a banging at your door so hard it rattles your walls?  Then a rush of agents into your house with guns drawn and tazers at the ready, while you watch everyone in the house, young ones included, being roused from the bed and herded into the living room?  I guess only illegal aliens feel that way…and Mexican American citizens confused for illegal aliens, and African Americans, and welll heck you too?

If Channel 7 had been interested in fair reporting they might have caught the discrepancy in Georgies statements.  On the one hand he does not want to disrupt the little kiddies in the house or the neighbors.  On the other hand he says he goes in early to maintain control.  He likes catching little children in bed.  Lots more control that way, don’t you think?

So which is it senor Field?  Are you trying not to be disruptive or are you trying to catch everyone in bed so you can intimidate them before they get their wits about them?  Your hairdresser wants to know.  So do a lot of other folk who think a knock on the door and herding people into vans sounds a lot like history repeating itself.  But that was the Fatherland.  This is the homeland.

So what happens to the poor fool who opened the door thinking if he didn’t they might bash it in?“When the fugitives are in custody, they’re taken to the ICE processing center in Santa Ana where they are photographed, fingerprinted and interviewed.” Says the Channel 7 report.

A victim of an ICE raid in Colorado said the “interview” took three hours during which time he was fully shackled.  It probably would have been too much trouble to take the shackles off to let him use the bathroom.  Or maybe he had to pee so bad that is why he signed the consent for deportation.

And “for Mexican nationals, the bus ride to the border will come before the end of the day.”  Says Channel 7.Wow!  The Mexican Consulate moves quickly. Law requires informing the Mexican Consulate when a Mexican national is incarcerated.  That is what we demand of the Mexican government for U.S. citizens in the pokey.  Presumably, ICE follows all of the rules so the Mexican ambassador must not be taking many siestas.  Otherwise, how could they review all of the files, suggest legal counsel, immigrants don’t have a right to a court appointed attorney, and give their blessing on the bus ride home, all in the same day?           

    Talk to Michael Chertoff when the Mexican government starts treating U.S. citizens the same way.  Imagine being tossed into a Mexican carcel and not even the U.S. consulate knows where you are!  Turn around is fair play, but not in America. Water boarding isn’t torture either, at least not according to Vice President Chaney.           

 Does everyone get sent home?“Of the 1300 hundred who have been arrested, 45 had been previously deported from the United States. They are now being prosecuted for illegal reentry and facing up to 20 years in prison.

Then the news reports say:    

         “Caught up in one of the biggest immigration stings ever, convicted criminals are swept back into their own countries, the kind of outsourcing no one complains about.”      

      That is unbiased reporting.  How could anyone object to this kind of “outsourcing”?  I guess the reporter thought he was pretty funny when he came up with “outsourcing” for deportation. 

Maybe no one will object to one day “outsourcing” except the Mexican national who sneaks back across the border after deportation so he can see his wife and kids.  Add to that, level headed Americans who don’t think the father-land idea was a winner.  Add to that my Jewish friends who find the parallels to Nazi Germany horrifying;  add to that the gays and lesbians who resent the immigration’s position that homosexuality is immoral and a bar to migration; add to that my African American brothers who remember how a god fearing nation used to treat them and add to that any fair minded American who resents overzealous government intrusion.        

    ICE is only looking for criminals during their midnight raids, but they deport  lots of nice guys they find along the way.  And who is considered a criminal?  According to the unbiased reporting of News 7, you only have to be convicted of reckless driving to be a bad guy these days.  Hmmm, guess we better raise taxes on the poor so we can incarcerate every U.S. citizen who is convicted of reckless driving.             

Look at the bright side.  Since the ICE raids began, public sentiment has been changing.  The internet is hopping with reports of ICE abuse.  A new immigrant’s rights group is starting in Denver to rally fair minded citizens to the cause.  Sad to say, those who are getting deported now are helping us march to immigration reform including a path to citizenship for poor people working in America.        

    A final note, if the knock comes in the middle of the night, don’t open your door.  You don’t have to.  Even ICE admits that:     

       “The warrants the officers carry don’t allow them to bust into the house. Either the woman comes out or ICE officers just wait around.”

            Best to stock up on lots of food and drinks.  

          Now, about Edward Piolin Sotelo, the radio station host whose thug security crew threw this gringo attorney off of his caravan to Washington D.C. while asking equal treatment for all.   I remain shocked these guys have not put this false story about me right.  Edward tells us all about unity but he is not practicing what he preaches.  That is really sad because in my point of view, the way to immigration reform is through unity.           

What unity?  How about every minority rights group in the U.S.?  How about every Chicano who is afraid he is going to be confused with an illegal immigrant?  How about my African American brothers who find the strong arm tactics of ICE repugnant?  How about the gays and lesbians, the mentally ill, the poor white trash who can’t afford attorneys?  How about every guerro attorney who grieves when he gets calls from frightened mothers asking about their husbands incarcerated by Immigration, while hearing children crying in the background for a father they may never know?     

       It is easy to ask the big wigs to talk on Piolin’s radio show but if Eduardo Piolin Sotelo is not willing to be a good example then he is contributing to the problem.  I have to wonder, actually have heard, about other people who feel Piolin did not treat them right.            Come on Eduardo, El Piolin, Mr. Sotelo, when are you going to put fair immigration reform in front of money and ratings?  It is still not too late, and I bet you could make some ratings hay out of it at the same time!


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